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About Us

BABE Creates is the fashion-conscious brainchild of CEO Brenda Russo. A boss babe herself, Brenda has combined her love of style and 30 years experience in accessories design to craft the Babe brand. After decades in the industry, she decided to start being her own boss. Together with her team of talented designers, Brenda creates her accessories for all the ambitious boss babes out there who work hard for their dreams and want to look on-point doing it.

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The Boss Babe

Our boss babe is a confident, ambitious, go-getter with an  impeccable eye for  fashion. Wether she is a college  student working hard for her degree, a business executive calling the shots, or a mom warrior managing her household, one thing all our boss babes share is their affinity for style. They know that the right accessories, however small, make a huge impact in how they look and feel and that's what attracts them to BABE.

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